Monday, June 4, 2012

Tune in Tuedsay (1): EXO

This is my first time participating in Tune in Tuesday which is hosted by Ginger at GReads! This meme is aimed to share and showcase music both old and new.
I really love music of all kinds but today I want to showcase K-Pop. The music I probably listen to the most is K-Pop (Korean Pop) which I know not many people listen to. I want to share K-Pop because I think that there are some great songs in this genre but people disregard listening to it because it's in another language. Even if you don't like K-Pop, please give this song a try because it's so worth it! Anyways, here is a song that was released recently and I'm in LOVE with it. It has become the #1 most played song in my iTunes! It's called 'Angel' and it's by a new rookie boy group called 'EXO.' This song is a sweet ballad and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful~ Enjoy! :)
Angel by EXO-K

The song with English subtitles:

Angel being performed live by EXO-K:

Two Angel teasers (before debuting EXO released a total of 23 teasers showcasing each member leading up to their debut. These are two of the teasers which show the members dancing to the song Angel):

Let me know what you thought of this song! :D