Sunday, October 23, 2011

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O' Dell

The story of The Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on a historical event of "the Women of San Nicolas Island." 


The story revolves around a young 12-year-old girl whose name is Karana. She and her people live at the village Ghalas-at on the Island of the Blue Dolphins. One day their peace is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a ship with red sails, later known to be the Aleuts. The Aleuts and the people of the island make an agreement allowing the Aleuts to hunt sea otter but in return return the favor in another way. The Aleuts do not repay them, which leads to a battle on the coast. Many men die, forcing the village to move to civilization on a ship with white sails. As the ship is departing, Karana sees that her brother, Ramo, is still on the island. Karana jumps into the sea and swims back to the island. As time goes by, Karana realizes that the ship with white sails may not come back for her. Throughout the book she learns to become a strong independent woman, providing for herself and appreciating the nature around her.

This book, although thin in size, was very captivating. The story of Karana and how she spends her 18 years on the island was interesting and it showed the changes of a young girl growing into a brave and independent woman. The chapters and events on the island were very short which keeps the reader wanting to know more. However, the in-depth explanations about how she creates her shelter, finds food, and interacts with nature was sometimes repetitive. Overall, it was a very quick and easy read that will stay with you, long after you have finished it.  

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Other Information
Island of the Blue Dolphins won the Newbery Medal in 1961

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