Monday, December 26, 2011

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me GoSummary
From the acclaimed author of The Remains of the Day and When We Were Orphans, a moving new novel that subtly reimagines our world and time in a haunting story of friendship and love.

As a child, Kathy–now thirty-one years old–lived at Hailsham, a private school in the scenic English countryside where the children were sheltered from the outside world, brought up to believe that they were special and that their well-being was crucial not only for themselves but for the society they would eventually enter. Kathy had long ago put this idyllic past behind her, but when two of her Hailsham friends come back into her life, she stops resisting the pull of memory.

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This book was absolutely heartbreaking. I don't know how I can do a review on this book without spoiling it so I'm going to give as little information on the plot as possible. The story follows three students from Hailsham, a private school in the English countryside. They are three childhood friends but they are all grown up now and have re-entered each others lives to rediscover and look back on their past. That summary sounds pretty bad but trust me it's not as dull as that. 

I really loved all the characters. Although, I would have to say I was frustrated at a few of them sometimes. Although this book is focused around three characters it is only told through Kathy, the main character's perspective.

A drawback to this book is that it isn't told in chronological order but rather skips around different time frames from the time when they are already grown up and from when they are young. This can often become a little confusing.  

Overall, the writing and the story was absolutely beautiful and I can definitely see why this book was so highly acclaimed. The story was unique and like nothing I've ever read before. I can easily see this book becoming a classic. There are so many twists in this book that it's impossible to predict what path the story will follow. The story stayed with me long after I had put it down. The themes in this book caused me to just sit and think about them.

I am going to have to check out more books from Kazuo Ishiguro :)

 5 stars - Digest it and eating it again! :D

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